31 Aug 2010

Great paint job from Kulula Airlines...

Airlines are usually pretty straight down the line when it comes to plane graphics, but the South African Kulula airline has done a great job - the 101 of flying. What a shame they only fly internally!

29 Aug 2010

Beer and Flip-Flops don't mix

Some things will never go together; chalk & cheese, oil & water... Now you can add Beer & Flip-Flops to the list.

28 Aug 2010

Roger Federer wows the film crew

We all know Roger Federer is on top of his game - but he really shows his skill to the film crew of a Gillette ad here...

27 Aug 2010

Skill for Life: Fast Ketchup Pour

Ever wondered how to pour ketchup out of a bottle faster? No, neither had we. But we soon realised this guy is a genius!

26 Aug 2010

Another Wii problem

I wonder how many TVs around the country have suffered the same fate?

25 Aug 2010

Hand washing FAIL!

Some American chap making a terrible mistake in the loo!

24 Aug 2010

David's Lyre - 'Tear Them Down'

'Tear Them Down' is released on September 6th on East City Records.

23 Aug 2010

Sailing with dolphins

Sailing the waters of the Aegean sea, off Milos island (Cyclades, Greece), in the joyful company of dolphins!

22 Aug 2010

Old Spice Man - Did you know..?

Don't smell like sunsets and baby powder. Smell like jet fighters and punching.

21 Aug 2010

Cool Mountain Biking

This is Paul Basagoitia having a ride on his bike in his backyard... awesome.

19 Aug 2010

Gonna need a bigger board!

There are surfers, then there's this fruit-loop. Fantastic surf video...

18 Aug 2010

Is your man an Old Spice man?

Remember Old Spice? No. Well you'll certainly remember this! Now ask yourself, is your man an Old Spice man...?

17 Aug 2010

Strip poker - for real!?

2 sexy men and 2 sexy girls playing strip poker. But is this for real?

16 Aug 2010

World Record! Naked Rollercoaster?

A record for the number of people riding a rollercoaster naked has been set in Essex, organisers have claimed. The naked riders raised £22,000 for Southend Hospital's breast care unit. A total of 102 people met at Adventure Island in Southend to ride the Green Scream without clothes.

15 Aug 2010

A tribute to a real Daredevil

We found this while looking for videos of Daredevils - we soon realised, there is no-one that comes close to this guy... This is Evel Knievel.

14 Aug 2010

A closer look at the beautiful game

Here's an interesting idea from our friends in Japan. Let's take a sport that seems to always be on the tellybox and take a close up view of it. It's football, but with binoculars!

13 Aug 2010

World Record! Opening a beer?

Here's a man who has an outstanding talent for opening beer bottles! Now, he is challenging himself to be the best in the area. As a result, he opened 200 beer bottles in only 1 minute and 20 seconds.

12 Aug 2010

The Expendables! Explosive advertising

The Expendables is reported to have the best movie action hero line-up of all time. We say, never mind the line up, check out their press junket!

11 Aug 2010

Fred the Raver

This is Fred. He loves to rave. But don't worry, the music wasn't too loud for him!

10 Aug 2010

The ultimate T-Shirt battle

Cool stop motion animation T-Shirt battle! Not sure what we're on about? Well watch the video!