30 Sep 2010

Smooth animal

Out of the 2 dancing in this video - we still think that the Sea Lion has the smoother moves

29 Sep 2010

Rock that Flying V!

Either this guy is small, or he has a huge Flying V guitar in his hands... and he can certainly rock that thing too!

28 Sep 2010

Insane Ping Pong Skills

This video is a real YouTube legend (over 2 million views). The 2 exhibition table tennis players involved have skills beyond belief. Sit back and enjoy!

27 Sep 2010

There, I fixed it!

DIY - you can either do it or you can't - and even with the best intentions, you should sometimes concede and let the professionals do it... which these guys clearly didn't!

26 Sep 2010

The All Blacks Rugby team in training

We all know our antipodean cousins are better at a number of sports than us Brits. However, just as we feel we're closing the gap on sporting prowess, the New Zealand All Blacks have released this little training video...

25 Sep 2010

Man Vs. Carpet Vs. Motability Scooter

This daredevil pensioner, wearing a fluorescent jacket for safety, is seen wobbling along a road at speeds of up to 8mph. His cargo completely blocks the road and the elderly driver even pulls over at one stage to allow traffic to pass.

23 Sep 2010

Pet Snaps!

Here at Joe Browns we love our pets - but not as much it seems, as the owners of these posing animals...

22 Sep 2010

Kilian Martin: A Skate Escalation

A short skate film by film maker Brett Novak focusing on the talents of one Kilian Martin. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

21 Sep 2010

Cute Girl with a catchy dance

A cute girl dancing - "is that it?" you say. Just sit back and watch this fantastic advert for the new Samsung Galaxy. Top-choreography!

20 Sep 2010

A Good Old-Fashioned Practical Joke

You can't beat a good, old-fashioned practical joke, especially when its at the expense of your mates, and even better that it makes him/her look like an absolute clown in the process... enjoy, learn and try!

19 Sep 2010

Fancy Fast Food

Yeah, we realise that this food is still bad for you - but boy does it look good!

18 Sep 2010

Skill for life "on the street" - Wine Bottle Opening

It can safely be said that trying to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew will end up with wine on the floor and a trip to A&E. Except this plucky fellow has worked out how to avoid the wet feet and the call for an ambulance. Please be careful if you try this at home (and preferably not with a stiletto heel!)

17 Sep 2010

The boat that rocked... literally

On August 1, the Pacific Sun ran into a heavy storm 400 miles north of New Zealand, hitting 25-foot-tall waves and 50-knot winds. Its 1732 passengers weren't prepared to endure the madness that ensued. Absolutely crazy.

16 Sep 2010

Would you cross?

Check out the extreme lengths locals of Passu in Northern Pakistan go to just to cross the river. We give you the Hussaini Bridge...

15 Sep 2010

Edinburgh Fringe Festival's Best & Worst Jokes

Comedian Tim Vine's holiday one-liner has been named the funniest joke at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe. "I've just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday...

14 Sep 2010

Extreme Pogo Faceplant

If something is generally fun for kids, there's usually bigger kids taking it to the extreme. This Darwin Award candidate has suped up his stick and is ready for action...

13 Sep 2010

Perspective Street Art Masterpieces

Julian Beever is not just a busker - he's a mathematician, an artist and a genius! Check out some fine examples of his work here.

12 Sep 2010

Dance routine at 20,000 feet

It's hard enough to dance without having to remember what you're actually supposed to be doing, especially when the ground is rushing up to meet you at a rate of knots. Top notch skydiving.

11 Sep 2010

Amazing Hand Shadow Show

The best we could manage was a rather strange looking bird shape on our office wall. Raymond Crowe however, takes it way beyond. An amazing video with a classic sound track too... enjoy!

8 Sep 2010

Feel Lucky? Well do ya?

An amazing array of the luckiest people caught on camera. This video shows a compilation of pedestrians, railway passengers, motorcyclists, car drivers, tenants, spectators, policemen and bank robbers, all losing one or two of their 9 lives.

7 Sep 2010

Yo-Yo World Champion

If you thought Yo-Yos were for kids, then there's plenty of big kids out there... and this guy even manages to make a career out of these spinning little toys!

6 Sep 2010

Good Read! This is why you're fat...

Is it any wonder why obesity rates are soaring, when these concoctions are ready available as recipes... and some you can even buy in genuine restaurants.

5 Sep 2010

FAIL! Speeding Ticket gone wrong

Nobody likes getting a speeding ticket, but this chap from the US really got his knickers in a twist with this Highway Patrolman.

4 Sep 2010

The 200 Yard Gong Shot

Many think golf is not that interesting, and we did until we saw the skill of these pros. Good skills!

3 Sep 2010

Urban Sports! Leaf Jumping

We've all had a play in some fallen leaves - but this guy took it one level further. Turn up the dial to extreme!

2 Sep 2010

1 Sep 2010

Extreme Weather! Get your mittens...

Somehow I don't think a can of de-icer and a credit card will get the ice off these windscreens...