29 Nov 2010

Cat fits itself into tiny boxes

This has been going viral around JB Towers! Watch as this cat tries to squeeze itself into ever smaller boxes!

26 Nov 2010

Fight Club knockout

This showboating boxer needs to learn that pride comes before a fall!

24 Nov 2010

The hunter and the bear

You might remember the "Choose your own adventure" books from childhood and this is kind of the same, except the ending is always fun! Simply enter a word to create a situation between the hunter and the bear. Entirely addictive!

22 Nov 2010

Guy uses shark to surf

If you're short of a bit of surf, we really don't recommend trying this!

19 Nov 2010

World beard championships

As it's Movember (growing a moustache to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer) we thought we would bring you a selection of the finest facial hair styling from the World Beard Championships 2010, held in Austria.

17 Nov 2010

15 Nov 2010

1000 Awesome Things

It's the little things we often overlook which make us really appreciate life...

12 Nov 2010

Big big snowboard jump

We can't decide whether this guy is crazy or extremely brave - this snowboard jump is absolutely huge!

11 Nov 2010

Almost landed snowboard tricks

It takes a lot of practice to get the perfectly executed trick and even then it may not always work first time. Here we salute those whose snowboard fails were caught on camera.

5 Nov 2010

Batman dog

We don't know of many dogs that can talk, but if we did, we'd probably like them to be able to sing along to Batman like this one.

3 Nov 2010

Georgie and Danger Bear

Georgie, our "Joe Browns abroad" representative has sent us another update! This time she's been swimming with dolphins in Kaikura on New Zealand's south island.

2 Nov 2010

A narrow escape

This train spotter was so close to the action, he narrowly avoided being hit by a train coming the other way. For someone who has just diced with death he doesn't seem to be shocked at all!