9 Nov 2010

Biscuit Pocket

Is this the best mug ever?

We love this mug with a pocket for a biscuit. The only thing that could make it better is space for two biscuits!


John said...

A chocolate hob-nob would be pretty messy mistake with this one.

Anonymous said...

How do you get the biscuit out? Major design fault. Also limited on what biscuits you can have. No chocolate or custard creams :(

Anonymous said...

Have to finish biscuit before tea otherwise drinking last dregs would be hazardous to eyesight!

Spainbitch said...

I was just gonna say what the others said... too messy, for any kinda heat-sensitive biscuit. Jaffa cake hell.

Thanks for my new coat though, I am getting lots of cool feedback on that, so I'll forgive you the poncey overdesign on the coffeecup front.