31 Dec 2010

Tarp surfing

It's just like surfing, but it's on dry land using a skateboard and a tarpaulin!

29 Dec 2010

How make ice cream in 5 minutes!

Got a late night craving for something sweet? Make your own ice cream in double quick time!

27 Dec 2010

24 Dec 2010

20 Dec 2010

17 Dec 2010

15 Dec 2010

Sky Drive

We never thought you could make sky diving more fun!

10 Dec 2010

Extreme wingsuit skydive

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a man in a wingsuit!

8 Dec 2010

Gum blondes

Arist Jason Kronenwald's portrait doesn't like painting with normal paints - he employs a team of gum chewers to help him product a variety of different shades of gum which he uses to construct gum pictures of celebrities.

6 Dec 2010

A real Batmobile

If you or your mum/dad/gran/partner is feeling generous and has £120,000 to spare on a Christmas present for you, you might want to ask for this!

2 Dec 2010

Goal shot FAIL

This massive blunder by a Qatari football player cost Qatar a place in the quarter finals.