29 Dec 2011

Handy Hormone Guide

Women will understand it, men should memorise it!

Click below to view larger version!

22 Dec 2011

Cool nature photos

Some of the most inspiring scenes are the ones from nature...

19 Dec 2011

Life on the line

This looks like an incredible film, not suitable for vertigo sufferers!

9 Dec 2011

Speedboat frisbee!

Apparently it only took 3 attempts and the first one was just a test throw!

6 Dec 2011

Christmas lights to music!

You probably wouldn't want them as your neighbour, but they do have a certain appeal! Merry Christmas friends!

28 Nov 2011

Shadows created with old rubbish

Old rubbish doesn't have to be a waste of space, it can become a work of art!

24 Nov 2011

Amazing sand sculptures

We think more than a plastic bucket and spade may be needed to construct these!

21 Nov 2011

Kinetic toothpick sculpture

What do you do with 100,000 toothpicks and 35 years? Build an amazing kinetic sculpture of course!

17 Nov 2011

Guess what this is!

Can you guess what this is?

Any idea yet?

Could it be rare gems?

Nope! It's sand, magnified 250x!

14 Nov 2011

Cat armour

If your cat has everything, can we suggest you buy them this for Christmas? Perfect for battling challenging mice...

7 Nov 2011

27 Oct 2011

Light up surf board

This is a great innovation in surfing - we've never seen this before!

24 Oct 2011

Piano stairs

We love this idea to encourage people to use the stairs more!

21 Oct 2011

The magic door

Where does this glass door lead to? Find out here!

17 Oct 2011

13 Oct 2011

6 Oct 2011

Skateboard sculptor

All these beautiful sculptures by Haroshi are made from old and broken skateboards...

29 Sep 2011

Underwater suite

Stay the night under the sea at the Conrad hotel in The Maldives!

27 Sep 2011

22 Sep 2011

19 Sep 2011

Largest yacht in the world

Take a peek around the world's largest yacht - bigger than some people's flats!

22 Aug 2011

Cool stages

Totally awesome stages? Both were built at Lake Constance in Bregenz, Austria for special concerts

18 Aug 2011

Weather across the world

Beautiful, haunting images of weather fronts caught on camera...

16 Aug 2011

Leaf art

Wonderfully intricate detail on this leaf art collection

11 Aug 2011

People in glass houses...

...shouldn't throw stones - and who would want to when it's such a pretty house?!

9 Aug 2011

Climbing without a rope

Would you be brave enough to scale some of the largest mountain walls without a rope?


5 Aug 2011

Swimming pool in your living room!

Check out this swanky Manhattan townhouse - complete with swimming pool in the living room. On sale for a cool $10M.

3 Aug 2011

Clever inventions

We do love a new toy here in the office - especially one that solves a lifelong problem!