27 Jan 2011

Banksy works

We know you lot like Banksy's works but how many of them are you familiar with? Here's a few we think you may not have seen...

24 Jan 2011

Underwater Sculptures

These sculptures were submersed in the sea around Mexico and can only be viewed properly by going diving. This is truly underwater art....

20 Jan 2011

People are awesome

Sometimes we forget just how awesome people really are. This video celebrates what the human race can do!

17 Jan 2011

Online bartender

Impress your friends a la Tom Cruise in Cocktail by whipping up drinks with this online drink chooser. Just select what you've got in your cupboard and it will suggest drink ideas for you!

11 Jan 2011

Graffiti in Lisbon

This graffiti on a disused building in Lisbon is really cool...

10 Jan 2011

One button Bob

We've become really addicted to this here! All you need to do is press your left mouse button!

7 Jan 2011

How to make a snow angel

With the flurry of new snowing arriving here, we thought we'd show you a fun way to play in the snow (suitable for all ages!)

2 Jan 2011

The everlasting frame

We still can't work out how they do this! It's completely hypnotising...