29 Mar 2011

The Book Surgeon

Wow! Each page is individually carved, no paper is added afterwards...

25 Mar 2011

Mad downhill bike ride

You've got to have brave to take this downhill bike challenge!

23 Mar 2011

The Madagascar Stone Forest

Another place we're adding to the "where we'd like to visit" list...

17 Mar 2011

Inspirational Quotes

We love these inspirational and famous quotes, beautifully designed and presented...

15 Mar 2011

Tone Matrix

A brilliant way to waste time, there's hundreds of possible combinations of sounds - just click on the squares to start making music!

11 Mar 2011

Toilet themed restaurant

We can't imagine this would take off over here...but it certainly did in Taiwan.

9 Mar 2011

Dog conga (led by a dog pedalling a trike)

They say never work with animals or children, but in this case, the hard work obviously paid off!

4 Mar 2011

Where the hell is Matt? Outtakes

We thought you'd like to see some more of Matt - here's MORE places he's been (but didn't film so good!)