9 Mar 2011

Dog conga (led by a dog pedalling a trike)

They say never work with animals or children, but in this case, the hard work obviously paid off!



chakacat said...

I really hope they trained those dogs with kindness - he doesn't look very gentle when he picks up that little Pom almost by one leg....

BigMouthDesignCompany said...

Pick the little dog up by 1 arm won't you?
Fashionable Joe Brown? A bit like paying some dude with a dressed up monkey on a chain.
Hmmm a bit of a re-think on what's cool huh?

Joe Browns said...

Hi both, we have read your comments and taken them on board. We feel that in this case, the dogs were happy to perform. We don't condone cruelty to animals and therefore we wouldn't post anything where we did feel that the animals were being treated unfairly.

We hope this clears things up and we're sorry we have disappointed you on this occasion.

Anonymous said...

Ho Joe!

are you really real?

or are you a man in a suit with a good PR dept?


Joe Browns said...

Hello Taz! Joe is real! And we don't have a PR department :)