22 Aug 2011

Cool stages

Totally awesome stages? Both were built at Lake Constance in Bregenz, Austria for special concerts

18 Aug 2011

Weather across the world

Beautiful, haunting images of weather fronts caught on camera...

16 Aug 2011

Leaf art

Wonderfully intricate detail on this leaf art collection

11 Aug 2011

People in glass houses...

...shouldn't throw stones - and who would want to when it's such a pretty house?!

9 Aug 2011

Climbing without a rope

Would you be brave enough to scale some of the largest mountain walls without a rope?


5 Aug 2011

Swimming pool in your living room!

Check out this swanky Manhattan townhouse - complete with swimming pool in the living room. On sale for a cool $10M.

3 Aug 2011

Clever inventions

We do love a new toy here in the office - especially one that solves a lifelong problem!