28 Feb 2011

25 Feb 2011

Where the hell is Matt?

An oldie but a goodie we think! And no, we're not in the least bit jealous of all the places Matt's been. Not even a little bit. Ok, quite a lot!

21 Feb 2011

Supergran vs jewellery thieves

This granny shows that you should never let age get in the way of a heroic deed...
View the video in full here


14 Feb 2011

11 Feb 2011

3D Street Art

It's incredible that you can take an ordinary pavement or building and trick the eye into believing you're standing on the edge of a cravasse or floating down a waterfall!

8 Feb 2011

Dramatic Cat

Move over keyboard cat...it's time for dramatic cat to steal the limelight!

4 Feb 2011

Underground well

We're currently adding this well (Xkeken cenote in Mexico's Yucat√°n) to our list of places to visit. It just looks beautiful!