3 Feb 2012

Joe's trip to Zanzibar

Here are just a few pictures from Zanzibar. If you've never been there then I strongly recommend it! The people are fantastic and the place is so beautiful and you'll have experiences that you'll never experience anywhere else in the world.

Landing in Zanzibar. Thought the plane was going to tip over in the muddy conditions, it was pouring it down!

Here's a beautiful giraffe. Saw loads of different animals: lions, elephants and wild dogs to name a few!
Some of the elephants we saw. The baby was just over two weeks old. We saw it swim for the very first time.

Some boys playing football on the beach. We gave out some Man United jerseys which they absolutely loved! In the background, they are harvesting seaweed.

This was our private sailing boat - although it doesn't look very good it worked a treat. We even went fishing in it.

Here's a proper fishing boat with proper fisherman in! They go out for the day and bring back all sorts of fish and bring them back to the market which was only half a mile from where we were.  

Here's a guy who's had a good day's fishing! The colours of the fish were amazing.

We had some scooters for the day. We went off down the beach which was about 16km. You can just see a little hut in the background where we bought some amazing paintings!
Watching the sunset from Africa House in Stonetown. It was a beautiful sunset. Africa House was a great place to party!


Rev. Brian Stenner said...

I love Joe Browns clothes even though I'm 75!! I would love to go to Zanzibar any time!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooo......makes we want to go to Zanzibar tell me more? whose the dude on the scooter!!!

Debby B said...

Wow, that looks stunning.