19 Nov 2012

Wishing trees

You'll find these coin-covered trees in the village of Italianate, Portmeirion where people believe that a person suffering from an illness could hammer a coin into a tree trunks and the tree would take the illness away, but if someone removed the coin, they themselves would become ill. The tradition is supposed to have started in the 1700's and has continued ever since!

15 Nov 2012

Magical fingers

Judith Ann Braun makes incredible art with her fingers!

12 Nov 2012

5 Nov 2012

The night sky at Lake Tyrell

It's like you can see the heavens! The view from Lake Tyrell, Australia

1 Nov 2012

Locks of love

Lovers and newlyweds around the world have locked padlocks onto public spaces (and thrown away the key!) to symbolise unity and luck in love! The practice is thought to have begun in Pécs, in Hungary, back in the 1980s (below).