28 Jun 2012

Our best beach hideaways

Here's 3 of our favourite lesser known beaches which we've discovered while we we've been globetrotting! We would love to hear yours, so do leave us a comment! (Comments are moderated to protect us from spammers, so it won't show up straight away)

La Paloma, Uruguay

Found by: John - Head of Ecommerce

An hour or so away from Uruguay’s more famous beach resort of Punta Del Este. It’s much more chilled out, a lot less flashy and was a great laid-back find. The humpback whales and the seafood parilla (barbeque) were an added bonus. Great place to surf.

Northern Lights

Aren't they beautiful? I think most people would love to see them once in a lifetime. Have you seen them?

26 Jun 2012

Candle trick

Add this to your party trick repertoire!

23 Jun 2012

Slam dunk!

This so incredible - so good even Superman's put in an appearance!

20 Jun 2012

Bimmah sinkhole

Check out this sinkhole - they form when the ground gives way unexpectedly.

11 Jun 2012

Urban side

Well this is certainly a new way to see the city!

7 Jun 2012


We won't lie, this fun music making app is addictive!

Play it here