29 Aug 2013

An Intern's Diary:Part 2

 Diary:Part 2
The Second half of my internship has been another eventful two weeks. I got in on Monday after no luck finding my car keys. I was initially in a good mood however I should have known nothing good ever comes out of Monday.  Fast forward to me at the garage being given a very large bill for a new set of keys. So after crying in the car for most of the afternoon, I realise my internship can only get better.

My big project was to track Joe browns use of Facebook, which as a student I was a natural at.  I enjoyed the opportunity to present my findings to the Marketing Director. This is one of the advantages of working in a smaller organisation,  at other internships you would rarely get the opportunity to make a presentation. So this for me is one of the key highlights and apparently I did a pretty good jobJ

More fun at Joe Browns is always round the corner. Last Thursday was free doughnuts day, so as mothers say get a healthy breakfast. By 11 o’clock last Thursday I had eaten a McDonalds, two cokes and three doughnuts!!

So  all in all coming to the end of my work experience, it has been hugely enjoyable being a Joe Browns intern. The work has been extremely useful and the friendly atmosphere has been great. Tonight for my last night I can’t wait to go on the company night on a barge cruise, complete with DJ and Karaoke! What a way to top off a brilliant 4 weeks with a shandy.... or two .HAHA!

28 Aug 2013

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19 Aug 2013

The Inspiration Behind Our New Autumn Range

A/W13 inspiration

This season we've travelled from Menston, West Yorkshire all the way to Moscow, Russia and come back with loads of inspiration for our new season ranges. We have also mixed it up a bit, bringing you quintessential English style with a modern Joe Browns twist! Read more about our inspirations and discover the stories behind them...

A Winter’s Tale

 Our Winter’s Tale theme is inspired by Soviet history, using loads of traditional textile techniques, ornate detailing, stunning Jacquards and remarkable tapestry designs.

From Russia with love coat: £69.95

Wuthering Heights

Our own fairytale fantasy theme, imagine the moors and floaty fabrics with delicate finishes. A Joe Browns twist on a classic story.

Wistful waistcoat dress: £44.95

 Lust For Life

This is all about freedom and living life to the full. Go outdoors, do something different, step right up to the edge of your comfort zone and feel exhilarated! This range is all about adventure, music and travel but most of all it's about having fun!

Dancing Darlings T-shirt: £16.95


Think the quintessential English gent. This collection is where the English countryside meets Joe Browns style to create an altogether eclectic look.

Stunning Check Blazer: £84.95

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16 Aug 2013

A Week in the Life of an Intern at Joe Browns

Name: Charlie Partington
Occupation: Student

Being an intern at Joe browns is a very interesting experience. Having been an intern in a big company in the past, going to work every day in a suit and tie, it's a nice change to work for a company with such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

 Week 1

As I get the taxi in the morning and travel down a little road on the outskirts of Leeds to a warehouse, I originally think where am I! But I never judge a book by its cover. The outskirts of Leeds, is home to the modern and relaxed offices of Joe Browns.

As I am no good at making tea, I have been put to actual use learning about all the various departments. It’s of course not all fun and games for a student. Getting up in the morning before lunch is a massive shock, I have even started having this meal called 'breakfast'. Although being a student it consists of a McDonald's and a large can of Red Bull. Breakfast of kings!

 Highlight of Week 1

The highlight of my first week was definitely seeing the new season fashion show, it was a real treat. This was a chance for staff and some of our most loyal customers to get up close and personal with the new range. Seeing all the models in the new season clothes was amazing and atmosphere in the office was fantastic. The clothes (and the models) looked great. I really enjoyed it!

                                                          (A/W 13 Collection)

Another highlight of week 1 was getting to go and see the new catalogue being printed. The printers was huge and it was really interesting to hear about the print process of such a unique catalogue. Certainly not run of mill!

 Low Point of Week 1

I also got to go home early last Friday. In all the excitement of that, I misplaced my car keys. Cue a crazy Friday night sat in a station car park... at least it’s not raining (Oh wait!)

(My car on the way to the garage)

All in all my first two weeks working for such a fun a casual business have been great, no need for false formalities or ivory towers exist here. Let’s hope all my hard work and efforts land me some of the new season products I have got my eyes on!