29 Aug 2013

An Intern's Diary:Part 2

 Diary:Part 2
The Second half of my internship has been another eventful two weeks. I got in on Monday after no luck finding my car keys. I was initially in a good mood however I should have known nothing good ever comes out of Monday.  Fast forward to me at the garage being given a very large bill for a new set of keys. So after crying in the car for most of the afternoon, I realise my internship can only get better.

My big project was to track Joe browns use of Facebook, which as a student I was a natural at.  I enjoyed the opportunity to present my findings to the Marketing Director. This is one of the advantages of working in a smaller organisation,  at other internships you would rarely get the opportunity to make a presentation. So this for me is one of the key highlights and apparently I did a pretty good jobJ

More fun at Joe Browns is always round the corner. Last Thursday was free doughnuts day, so as mothers say get a healthy breakfast. By 11 o’clock last Thursday I had eaten a McDonalds, two cokes and three doughnuts!!

So  all in all coming to the end of my work experience, it has been hugely enjoyable being a Joe Browns intern. The work has been extremely useful and the friendly atmosphere has been great. Tonight for my last night I can’t wait to go on the company night on a barge cruise, complete with DJ and Karaoke! What a way to top off a brilliant 4 weeks with a shandy.... or two .HAHA!

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