3 Oct 2013

A Day To Remember

Well, I’ve been on photoshoots in previous lives at other companies, but nothing like this one! Joe Brown’s first foray into model photography! We’ve had mixed reactions to the notion of model images in the past, so it was really important that we got it right. The essential ingredients – down to earth people, originality, honesty and lots of fun!
It rained all the way across to Scarborough (I wanted to write ‘sunny Scarborough’ there, but it generally isn’t is it!) – but the clouds lifted just as the make-up was finished and the lovely hair primped! (I’m talking about the men here, as they had far more of it than the women!).

We took over the top floor of Scarborough’s finest Golden Grid Cafe – with its famous whiff of fish and chips greeting our nostrils throughout the day – and then headed off outside to meet the locals and make a start.

First stop was the slot machine arcades – well that lasted for all of about 23 seconds as we were briskly chucked out - no time to stop and make a wish with the Zoltar man and we’ve no idea who passed the post first on the donkey derby…

So we headed off to one of the good old rock shops on the promenade – and met a really nice, helpful lady (thanks so much Amanda Long – you were brilliant!). Queue plenty of merriment with sugar dummies, candy floss and sticks of rock...well, until they were completely distracted by a hoard of passing dogs which led to a totally impromptu canine shoot!

On to the fish and chip shop – and by now trailed by a whole host of friendly locals, desperate to learn more about Joe Browns and why we were causing havoc in their home town. To say models aren’t supposed to eat much (and certainly not glorious calorific grub!), they didn’t do a bad job of emptying the polystyrene cartons – and what was left was thrown at each other, then finished off by the seagulls – we grabbed some great photos as they dive-bombed the team down by the beach!

Then we were off to the sea – yes, the very wet stuff that the boys couldn’t resist getting themselves (and everyone else including the cameraman) soaked in. Without a pair of spare underpants between them (only realised at quite a late moment), a pretty daring feat.

Sharing two towels between four people, we squelched back to base to get ready for the final shots in a great local pub. Various peanut fights, multiple shots and a lot of laughs later, everyone was dressed in onesies for the last shot – queue some very funny pictures with the locals, peering through the pub windows wondering what on earth was going on. It’s normally just quiz night on a Thursday and isn’t Joe Brown an old singer?!

All in a day’s work at Joe Browns!!

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